HDB Renovation – New pre-packed Screed

HDB Screed

HDB Renovation – New pre-packed Screed

How much is new pre-mixed screed for HDB? What is it anyway, and what are its effects for your home renovation?

What is the new regulation?

Pre-packed screed is a new requirement for HDB floors. This is in all areas, such as the living room, bedrooms or kitchens. Some areas such as toilets already use some kind of pre-mixed waterproofing screed. The norm for the rest was to use cement mixed with sand. With this new rule, contractors must use pre-mixed cement and sand. HDB contends this reduces wastage and makes things cleaner. While originally slated for December 2014, this ruling is now only in effect from June 2015.

Price of new pre-mixed screed in HDB

What this means for renovation and interior design in Singapore is a price increase. This is due to material cost and labour cost. In terms of material cost, pre-mixed screed is more expensive. Extra trouble of combining cement and sand. This cost will vary as more experience on screeding is gained. A good estimate would be about $0.50 psf. The same can be applied to labour cost. Pre-mixed screed is said to be harder to apply. More effort is needed by workers. There is a learning curve. The industry will equilibrate to a price but an estimate is also about $0.50 psf, making the effective increase in total cost to be about $1 psf. For a 3-room HDB, this is about $700; 4-room HDB, $900; 5-room HDB, $1100.

Posted on November 29, 2014 in Renovation Articles

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