Making your HDB look bigger

Panaromic View of Singapore HDB flats

Making your HDB look bigger

HDB Flats are getting smaller. A 5-room had 145 sqm in the 1980s but is only 110 sqm in the 2000s. Although he average square footage per person is shrinking, that’s because there are less people per household. We can’t do anything about the size, but you can décor your home to maximize the aesthetics of the place.


Bronze mirror in a living room adds both class and makes it bigger

Bronze mirror in a living room adds both class and makes it bigger

Mirrors are by far the most common suggestion by IDs. Add a bronze or black tinted mirror. Depending on your style, this adds luxury and depth to the design. At the same time, it makes your house look bigger. In your living room, a large clear mirror can immediately double your space. If you have a great view, use mirrors to your advantage. Strategically place your mirror to capture the view. This brings the view into your home!

Brighten them up

Brighter colours make your space grow. Whereas a dark colour makes everything look small. It’s the same with clothes. Brighter colours maximize the area, with a more powerful visual impact. On the other hand, dark lines magnify the shape but not the area. Definitely, consider your overall style still. Using brighter shades in say, yellow, brown, off-white or even blue with a few dark accents is an interesting concept.


If you are not going to use colours, you can consider using lights instead. Bright accent lights can draw focus to interesting different aspects of your home. Covelights and down lights using LED can brighten up a space. This creates more visual impact. Thus, your HDB will look bigger.

Use the grain

Use grains of anything to your benefit

Use grains of anything to your benefit

If you have flooring, wallpaper or any carpentry (say a feature wall) that has a grain, use them. Have the grain in parallel to the longer side of your floor plan. This lengthens what you have. It also distracts away from the short side.

Size of motifs

Size of Motifs Count

Size of Motifs Count

Big patterns make a big impression. By having bigger patterns, there’s more to the eye. This makes your area bigger instantly. Similarly, using big say 600mm x 600mm homogeneous tiles make your living room more grand, than small pieces of little planks. Bigger tiles make things more spacious.

Furniture & other constituents

Lastly, after setting your space up, is the constituents including the furniture. Place them wider apart to try to emphasize the space between them. If you think like HDB, make thing go upward instead. This makes more spacious functional space, but also more pleasing aesthetically. A neat area looks bigger than one filled with random little things.

Posted on December 1, 2014 in Renovation Articles

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