Selecting a Renovator in Singapore

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Tips on selecting a Renovation Contractor in Singapore


Avoid the ends


Our advice is to avoid the ends – either end. On one end of the spectrum, there are high-class, expensive contractors. Choose this, and you will likely be disappointed in some way. Not because they are not good. Their awards and qualifications are surely somehow earned. However, you will likely pay a huge sum including a top-up of 7% for GST, and it will be hard to impress you when you are paying such a gigantic sum.

On the other end, there are renovation contractors that are skimpy but very, very cheap. We think it best to avoid these as well. With a lack of 3D skills, you have no idea what your interior design will look like. Furthermore, you should be wary of packages and deals that are way too cheap. They are many scams. Be careful.

Thus, we think you should select the middle for your renovation. Of course, there’s still a wide spectrum to choose from in Singapore.

Ask to see current works


Nothing speaks better than solid current works. An active renovator is likely to have something going on that you can see this week, or the next. Previous photos can be photoshopped. Reviews can be created. Showrooms are artificial mock-ups that won’t look like your eventual home. And even facebook likes can be bought.

Thus the next narrowing technique a home owner should use it to view current works. When viewing current works, look carefully for both function and aesthetics. Try some hinges or tests if things work well. Peruse the space planning. Aesthetically, does everything fit well? Do the colours blend? Does the style match? Good design is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Visualization and Ideas


Whether choosing an interior designer, renovator or main contractor, some visualization or ideas is paramount. You may have pictures from Google or Houzz, but you won’t know how these fit into your house. Designs can change due to site structure or measurements. The devil is in the details and a little can change your desired look substantially.

Sketchup by Google is the software Home Design Pte Ltd uses for our clients (albeit the professional version). But it is also very useful for the layman. It is easy to use, and free to try. It’s brilliant for visualization, but also for space planning.

The human touch


Choose someone you like. And can get along with. Or is flexible and willing to listen. These are important qualities for a renovation professional or interior design company. A project is likely to lasts weeks and months. Thus, its crucial that you are happy and can work together well. Communication is key. Someone you can talk to easily and gets you will help create your dream home.

Posted on November 13, 2014 in Renovation Articles

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