Austville Residences Condo Case Study

This is an overview of the condo project. Save up to 10% by talking to us. This project has living room, study and master bedroom construction.

Austville Exec Condo project costing $7,873. You save $1,627. Living Room, Study and master bedroom. 23 Days (design 8 days & execution 15 days).

Interior Design Overview 

Site: Austville Residences Executive Condo

What was built?
1)7ft (w) x 7ft (l) bed platform with storage with pull-up storage areas & 3 drawers
5ft (w) suspended study table
6ft (w) suspended bookshelves
10mm tempered glass cover for study table and table base
5ft (w) of closed TV feature cabinet
21ft (w) long settee installation for living room
4ft (w) of full-height display shelves
Installation of light fixtures in living room, switches, electrical points and TV console
Total cost: $6,873 after discount

Your savings? $1,627

Total time from 1st meeting to completion: 23 days
Of which Design time: 8 days
Execution time: 15 days

This is the site plan of Austville residences. The site overview as well as the floor plan. A 3d Render using Google Sketchup. In Home Design, we let you visualize before we build. A sketch for the display living room. It is a useful decor piece. It is both functional and nice.

Day 1: First meeting

We meet Owner & wife to understand their design needs. They are a friendly, blissful Singapore couple. They show us their floorplan, shown above. They then tell us their requirements. The living room design and decor is to be welcoming and have 2 mounted TVs. They do not want to see any wires. The 2nd room’s purpose is a study. The master bedroom needs additional storage. They want a clean, modern design.

We propose a few layouts based on their floorplan in real-time. This is seen above. With 3d, we show them what design choices they have on the spot. We explain the pros & cons of each option. We ensure movement space around the house is good. We educate them on general decor and design options for living rooms and their bedrooms.

We draw out a few designs for each area on the spot. They picked out 2 which we would work on in detail. This ends the first meeting.

Day 4: E-mail Design proposal

For the living room, we propose 2 design elements. The first element is a very long settee. The settee combines the space in the whole living room, making it look long. It also allows guests to sit around. Furthermore, it serves as the dual TV console for the 2 TVs. There is no feature wall. This is an example of featureless walls in our living room design primer. We propose a light-up effect that you can see in the finished photos. Also, because the owner has a special request to cover one of the TVs, we have a box-up slide cover.

The 2nd living room element is a open cabinet that can be seen when one first comes in. This is a central piece. Its located in the middle. Thus it divides the room. At the same time, it is a display place for the family. We hope it will be filled up with meaning and memory in a few years!

For the study, we propose shelving and a suspended table. The design site is special. It has half of its area fully exposed through glass and the other area covered. Thus, we suggest a table that may follow its environment. The sleek glass table flows through both spaces. It connects the 2 and blends in with the windows. Thus, this sustains the good view. It also is interesting and different.

Lastly, in the master bedroom, we suggest a minimalist bedframe with mirrors. The mirrors serve to elongate the room. The storage is sleek and hidden. The minimalist curves make it clean and modern.

Day 6: Confirmation
The Owner and Wife are impressed and happy with the designs. They would like to go ahead.

Day 8: 2nd Meeting
At this meeting, we firm up the details such as colours and exact dimensions. We go through each part, asking what they want to put in, and making our carpentry fit those. We also do up the needed paperwork and collect a 50% deposit. We then begin to arrange their renovation permit.

Day 9: Start of fabrication
Our factory starts producing the required materials. We tell them the estimated completion date based on our work schedule.

A picture on the other side. Showing an open door. Also the TV cabinet. And a long settee that can be used for sitting also. Up lights make the whole room grand. A photo shows up light effect. Highlights the length of the room. Has 2 TVs in this feature. An open display shelf. And 2 TVs. Curtain. Balcony, and the beautiful reflection off the marble floor. An open shelf for display. Can be used to show family pieces. Also, travel souvenirs and board games.

Day 23: Installation Day from 10am to 5pm
All work, including electrical is done on the same day. This allows them to take as little time off as possible. We ensure everything is alright and oversee the progress. Take a look at the outcome of this project below:

Our outcomes are similar to our renders, as seen here:

Living Room long console design. Long settee/tv console to make living room long. Seating space and TV device storages. Shoe Cabinet. Light-up design effect. Grand welcome.

Living Room display design. Central piece. Divides room. Display for family items. Gives personality to the house.

Study. Stylish shelving. Glass and wood design. Does not block view. Table blends in with the environment. Environment and design is in unison. Unique and special. Guests would surely ask questions about it.

Master bedroom. Storage with mirrors. Sleek and minimalist. Mirror to elongate room and make a floating effect.

A bed frame that is custom made. It has 2 hidden storage areas. Can store bed sheets or pillows. A bed frame on the drawer side. Has 3 mirror drawers. Shows a floating in the air effect. Like spring coming to autumn. 2 workers putting on the long glass. This creates a distinguished layer effect. The study table is a unique design. The flow of the glass from the wall to the floor. A bend of 90 degrees. Sleek decor. Modern styling. 2 shelves for use with upturn. Special design of table. Follows the contours of the room. When it is see-through, it is the same.


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