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How is Home Design Pte Ltd different? There are other Interior Design firms in Singapore.

Transparency is not a word often heard in interior design. Home Design Pte Ltd solves this. We do away with bundle packages that promise “savings”. Instead, we offer a la carte full services. We show our good prices in the open. This way, you only pay for what you need. You will also be sure that you are not being “upsold” or tricked by hidden costs. With us, you save up to 20%. For a home renovation, 20% can go up to thousands. Take your family on a holiday instead. Choose Home Design. Get our Free Quotation and see the difference for yourself. With Home Design Pte Ltd, you are promised sharp execution, at fair prices.

Are there hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs – there is no additional GST or designer fees. With Home Design Pte Ltd, you can be confident in honesty and clarity. We don’t promise to give you the lowest prices in Singapore. Why not? Because such prices demand that quality is cut. You must be careful with renovation contractors that give too low a price. These means that something needs to be added later, or that quality is being cut. For instance, our laminates for our carpentry is up to $55. Some reno companies charge our prices, but have a laminate limit of $30. Therefore, you still need to add the sum eventually. Our pricing is accurate for 90% of all projects.

Are there some costs that need to be added? When might the displayed price not apply?

For standard requirements, ie in 90% of cases, our price calculator is accurate. There is no add-on or hidden cost. However, there is adjustment when what you require is not standard. For example, imagine a feature wall with both sides instead of the usual one. Reasonably, there needs to be cost added to make the other side. Another example is with tiling. Tiles could be mosaic tiles or tiles that are very difficult to put on. This requires much more manpower. In such a scenario, we will explain your options and justify the increase fairly.

How do I use the Price Calculator?

Key in values based on your floor plan. This can be obtained from your developer. Floor plans are mostly in mm. Change this to foot by dividing by 305. Key it into our calculator. Immediately, you have all your options and can choose what to spend on!

As we explained, there are no hidden or extra costs to be paid. No designer fees. No GST. Accurate, immediate, dependable pricing.

Tell me more about Home Design. Who are you?

We are a group of graduate Interior Designers from the National University of Singapore. We believe in a new better way of doing things. Home Design Pte Ltd is sharp, efficient interior design, at fair prices. We value transparency, honesty and quality. This is what we love to do, and we want our clients to love it too. We are proud to have our office in NUS. NUS has helped us a lot with advice and support in our growth. We are a full-services, one-stop main contractor in Singapore. We specialize in Condo, and Private or Landed Property Design & Renovating. We love making old houses new, and newly-bought houses your home.

What services and designs do you create?

We design to your requirements. Upon understanding your needs, we will have a few proposals to achieve your goals. Such designs include modern, minimalist, industrial, classic, oriental, flashy or classy styles and decor. Look at some of our portfolio to gain inspiration. Other sites we like are Houzz.

We are a one-stop solutions provider. We do space planning, design, renders, site supervision and execution. Our execution is sharp and as soon as possible. Of course, this is subject to availability. We always recommend starting early and having some allowance for your move-in date.

What brands or partner companies do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of companies or organization depending on your needs. These include Nippon, Admira, EDL laminates, RMCA, RADAC, SPRING SingaporeLian Seng Hin Trading, Hafary Holdings, . Some of the forums/resources we think are interesting and useful are Renotalk, Lookboxliving, Renonation, Home & Decor Singapore, RenoForum, Singapore Renovation Portal, InSing, Street Directory. Here are some HDB’s tips for Home Owners..

How do you keep your prices so competitive?

Home Design Pte Ltd is about efficient, effective interior design. As you might see, our prices are very fair and very competitive. This is through cutting off useless things you don’t really need. We are a small, humble, company with no showroom and overheads. We also don’t spend on marketing collaterals and brochures. If you think about it, these high costs add very little to the real result in your home. We only spend on high quality building material and our time with you, our clients. If you want to see a showroom, let us bring you to our other projects to take a look instead. This way, you see real, live workmanship.

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