How to Liven Things Up in Your Bedroom: Adding a Touch of Your Personality

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How to Liven Things Up in Your Bedroom: Adding a Touch of Your Personality

The bedroom is the room you wake up to in the morning and the last room you go to in as the night approaches. It should be a sanctuary for the senses; a haven for your rest and relaxation. Your bedroom is the symbol of your personal space; it should be inviting and serene. So how do you make your bedroom a piece of heaven?

Bathe your bedroom in one colour scheme — from walls to sheets and pillows. By doing this you make your room soothing on the eyes and easier to decorate. Feel free to mix patterns. You can incorporate as much as you want but try to link them all with common hues.

Planning your lighting is critical to both bedroom and home design. Your overhead light should be bring a warm glow and can illuminate every space in your bedroom; it would be great if it has additional settings if you want to create a mood. A corner lamp is also a great feature to add for a warm light source without spotlighting anything.

Draping from the ceiling can give your room a dramatic feel. If you have a wonderful view, the draping should frame it beautifully to maximize the focus on the outside view.

Your dressing table and side table should be elegant and practical — if that is the look you are going for.

These two pieces can be a focal point in your bedroom. It should be able to accommodate the little things you have in the room. As for the side table, you can have a matching plush chair to go with — for reading and/or for draping clothes over.

Try experimenting with textures. An additional soft rug or plush floorings will make your bedroom more luxurious. Combining wool with cotton and knits will also add to that simple yet elegant theme.

Cushions are one of the essential accessories to a room. Scatter cushions on the bed, reading chair, or even the floor, in different colours and textures to transform your room into a cozy place.

Lastly, an important addition when personalizing your space is private photographs. Hang a series of polaroid photographs on top of your headboard; place a framed picture of you and your friends on your dresser. The bedroom is the best place to display and enjoy your most intimate and personal pictures. A blank wall can come to life with the just the right eclectic designed photographs.

Make your bedroom the place that best describes your personality. After following these tips, your very own slice of heaven will be at the tip of your fingers.

Posted on February 10, 2015 in Free Interior Design Advice

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